Episode 39: Creating a New Story with Family of Origin Work

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In today’s episode, Ashley and Shannon explore and guide you through the family of origin work. 

What is your family of origin?

Your family of origin is the family in which you grew up in. Who was in your home during your childhood and how did that shape who you are and how you parent today? 

As you reflect on your family of origin, you can become more mindfully aware of the celebrations you loved, the challanges you faced and the new intentions you want to set for your family. 

Let’s bring a new sense of awareness around these particular topics: 

love and affection, holidays and traditions, values, important memories, sibling relationships, fights and conflict, parenting roles and dicipline.

To be intentional means we have choices. You can learn from looking back at your family of origin and how you were raised to gain greater awareness, so that you can make different choices that feel best to you and your family.   

Let us know what your greatest take-away is from this episode and thanks for listening.  We appreciate your support and feel grateful for you.


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