Episode 32: What does your grief need?

Authentic Living, Self-Care

In this episode, Shannon and Ashley share their journey of navigating grief and loss over this past year. They are each experiencing loss and grief in different ways and discuss what has supported them through their healing process.

Shannon recently had the first anniversary of her father’s passing. He passed away unexpectantly and she hasn’t experienced this kind of loss before. Shannon shares how she recently honored him, as well as celebrated life on the anniversary weekend of his death. Exploring making space for her grief has really helped with the healing process and she shares about that process in this episode.

Ashley is experiencing loss and grief in a different way, as she and her husband have become empty nesters and her family dynamic has changed. Now with the change, she is nervous to visit them at college because she will see her kids in a different way, and they’ll see her in a different way, too.

Book Suggestions for Navigating Loss:

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