Episode 35: Parenting the Child You Have

Authentic Living, Mindful Parenting

In this epsiode, Shannon and Ashley are talking with Human Design Life Coach and Author, Aypril Porter.  Aypril recently wrote the book, Parenting the Child You Have: Re-Imagining the Parent-Child Relationship Through the Lens of Human Design.

Aypril is on a mission to help her readers and clients live deep, rich and authentic lives by giving themselves permission to live according to their Human Design.

If you’re not familar with Human Design, you can listen to Episode 34, where we teach you about the 5 energy types and how to learn more about your personal chart. 

Enjoy this fascinating conversation about the practice of using Human Design as a tool in our mothering, as we embrace our children’s unique differences and shine a light on their authentic strengths.

Parenting through the lens of Human Design helps us feel more in sync with our children. It gives us practical tools to help us connect with our children in ways that create more flow and less push against the current, while helping our children feel seen and heard for being their authentic selves.

To look up free Human Design charts for you and your family, visit Genetic Matrix.

To learn more about Aypril Porter, visit her website www.ayprilporter.com.

You can purchase her book, Parenting the Child You Have, on her website or here on Amazon.

Thanks for listening!


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