Episode 36: Self-Compassion & Giving Yourself a Break with Carla Naumburg, PhD

Authentic Living, Mindful Parenting, Self-Care, Women’s Empowerment

In today’s episode, Shannon and Ashley are bringing back one of their favorite past guests, Carla Naumburg, PhD. Carla is a clinical social worker, mother and author of the new book, You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent: How to Practice Self-Compassion and Give Yourself a Break.

Mamas give so much and we also need to tend to our own needs, so we can feel grounded, connected and supported in the midst of our chaotic, busy lives.

In this episode, we talk with Carla about why we suffer from Sh*tty Parent Syndrome, the difference between self-improvement and self-care, setting healthy boundaries and how to treat ourselves and our children with greater compassion.

This episode is authentic, funny and powerful.

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*Quick warning:  There are curse words in today’s episode. If you are listening with little ears, you may want to listen at another time.  


To purchase Carla’s book and learn more about her, visit her site: Carla Naumburg.

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Do you or someone you know need support for postpartum depression?  Visit Pregnancy & Postpartum Resource Center for more information.

Thanks so much for listening!


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