Episode 40: Parenting with Gratitude

Authentic Living, Mindful Parenting, Self-Care

In this episode, Shannon and Ashley share a lovely conversation with Stef Tousignant, creator of Parenting with Gratitude.  

Stef is an author and parenting expert, who calls herself an imperfect parent and gratitude nerd.

Stef shares how her daily practice of gratitude has changed her outlook on life, and how it’s changed her parenting style over the years.  We explore how to savor the special moments in life, ways to be more present in our parenting, and how having a simple gratitude practice can help you feel better and happier.

The practice of gratitude is a compliment to self-compassion, something we mothers need more than ever while raising children these days. We are all human and learning this parenting thing as we go along. We need to practice being gentle with ourselves along the way.

Also in this episode, we talk about ways to look at imperfection and mess as examples of well-lived lives. What a beautiful perspective.

You’re going to love this conversation – so let’s jump right in!  Enjoy the show and thanks for listening and sharing this episode with your friends.

To learn more about Stef and to join her 90-day gratitude challenge, visit her website Parenting with Gratitude.

To learn more about Shannon, visit A Free Spirit Life.

To learn more about Ashley, visit Home Holistic.


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